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How to request our services?

You can request our services by email or phone.

What is your phone number?

Our cellphone is +56971586433

Can I just sent an e-mail?

Yes, you can e-mail us to

Can I send you an SMS text message by phone?

Yes, you can send us SMS text message to +56971586433

Whereabouts are we located?

we are a outcall massage service operating in Santiago de Chile. Our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office. Sorry, we do not have any in-call facilities for you to visit.

How much is the price?

Our prices are around $80.000 Chilean pesos for the Special full body massage that lasts 60 minutes, depending of the lady you choose.

What times are you open?

We are open from Monday to Sunday, from 9am to 9pm.

What will I be massaged on?

Our masseuses can perform the massage on a chair, bed or floor, whichever you prefer.

Do I need to provide anything for the massage?

Our masseuses will bring high quality almond oil, creams, and a pair of excellent warm hands. All we ask you to provide is your own towelling for the massage and to cover and protect any furniture from oil.

What should I wear during the massage?

For an oil based massage you should undress to your own level of comfort. Some people prefer to keep their underwear on during a massage while others prefer to be nude. It's up to you.

Can I request a specific masseuse?

All our masseuses are highly qualified and have been hired because they can all provide a high quality massage. You can also request for an specific masseuse. Please let us confirm if she is available first..

How do I book?

You can call us or send us an email and we will reply asap, usually we reply in 20 minutes. (during the day of course)


Please read first: do you suffer any allergies, have you undergone any recent surgery, have you taken any drugs or alcohol in the last 24 hours, do you have any medical condition or injuries that might affect your massage? Please let us know.

What type of massage do you recommend?

Is your first massage? We suggest you book the classic full body massage of 60 minutes. And if you feel like to upgrade for the Special full body massage, you just talk to the masseuse and She will give you the extras.

Can I eat or drink before the massage?

It's best to avoid drinking or eating too much before the massage.

Can I talk to the masseuse during the massage?

Yes you can talk. We recommend to close your eyes, lie back and relax into the massage.

I don't want the masseuse to touch a certain part of my body:

If you don't like a particular part of your body touched or are just self-conscious about a certain body area, just tell the masseuse to avoid that area.

If the pressure is not right for me, what should I do?

Just tell the masseuse that you want more or less pressure. There is no problem at all.

How do I pay?

At the moment we only accept cash. We accept all the major currencies. Chilean pesos, United States Dollars, Euros and others. We do not accept credit cards at the moment.

Should I tip the masseuse?

Tipping is up to you.

How long can I book my massage for?

Our standard session lengths are: 60 minutes, 90 or 120 minutes to start and if you want, you can extend the service per extra 30 or 60 minutes.

What if I get an erection during the massage?

There is no reason to be embarrassed. It is possible that men may get an erection during a massage. The masseuses are professionally trained, they understands this and will ignore it.

How much notice do you need before a booking?

We suggest a reasonable one hour minimum notice period before the booking.

Are the masseuses sexy?

properly performed, a good massage should give pleasure to your body and to your senses. you are, after all, being touched warmly with love and care by another human being. we cannot (and would not wish to) control your senses. so yes, massage might be a sensual experience for you. all we ask is that you continue to respect our therapists as the decent, professional and lovely human beings they are and not expect your personal sensuality to lead to any form of sexual activity during your treatment.

Happy endings - what are they and can I get one?

a common question in the massage industry, so we prefer to deal with it rather than pretend it never gets asked. happy endings refer to certain sexual acts (happy) carried out at the end of a massage (ending). we think the phrase originated in sexual massage parlours in the Far East in case you're interested. much more importantly, we hope you can see we are a friendly, grown up team, who are happy to discuss your questions openly and with a smile. but that does not mean we enter into lewd activities. anyway, we believe true happiness knows no end!

Can I cancel my booking?

we understand that unexpected changes can happen. please realise that by booking a therapist online, her diary is immediately reserved for you for the whole of the booked massage time plus travel time before and after. this means she is unable to be booked for any other appointments during that time. so we ask that you provide us with at least 5 hours notice to cancel any bookings. If you need to cancel your booking, please call us or send an email.

If you have more questions please send us an email.



Types of massage

massage santiago chile massage santiago chilemassage in santiago chilemassage in santiago chile massage in santiago chile special full body massage offers highly trained and certified therapists in santiago de chile. At the moment we are offering masseuses for outcalls only. This is ideal for clients who are either unable to attend a Massage Clinic or find it more convenient to have a treatment at their own office, home or hotel room. More...


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